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We have the answers to your questions. If a question is not stated below click here to contacts us.

  • Do you offer pick up & drop off services?
    Yes, our free pick up and drop off services are available to and from specific locations. Please Note: Pick up and drop off locations are not locations for vehicles to be left. Pick up and drop off locations provided are the locations that one of our representatives will pick up or drop off a customer. To schedule your pickup or drop off, kindly contact our local office (876) 952-9156 (876) 584-7568 or (876) 387-5790.
  • What are your rental requirements?
    We are happy to assist. Click here for more information.
  • What forms of payments are accepted?
    We accept cash and all major credit or debit cards. (MasterCard, VISA, Discover) Checks are not accepted!
  • Is a deposit required?
    A deposit of $1,000.00 USD whether cash or card is required to book a vehicle. Deposit will be reimbursed if rental inspection was passed. (Customers will be informed upon rental drop off). If for any reason, any mishaps or accident happened during rental, the deposit will not be reimbursed.
  • What if my flight is delayed?
    No problem mon! We will take care of you. Kindly give us a call at (876) 952-9156 (876) 584-7568 or (876) 387-5790 or email us at ‘’ as soon as possible.
  • I would like to extend my rental. Is that possible?
    *Kindly contact our local office 48 hours before scheduled return time. (See contract) *Customers must visit our local office along with their contract and additional fees to complete extension request. *All extensions are accepted at our local office before scheduled return time.
  • Is there a penalty for returning a late rental?
    Yes. All late rentals are subjected to a late fee.
  • Do I need to refuel the vehicle before returning?
    Customers must refuel the vehicle to the same fuel level upon picking up the vehicle. If a customer refuses to refuel the vehicle to the same fuel, they will be charged a refuel fee.
  • What is your pet and smoking policy?
    Pets are not allowed in rental vehicle. Customers must keep pets secure and return rental vehicles in clean condition and free from pet hair to avoid detailing fees. Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Coles Car Rental is committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers and employees. In order to better deliver on this commitment, all Coles vehicles are non-smoking. A cleaning fee will be assessed for vehicles returned with evidence of smoking. De-smoking requires a vehicle be taken out of service for up to 24-hours so it can be cleaned with a natural deodorizer and an oxidation process.
  • Can I return my vehicle after business hours?
    We ask customers to contact our local office (876) 952-9156 or (876) 584-7568 or (876) 387-5790 at least 6 -12 hours before scheduled return time for arrangements to be made. Failure to do so will result in a late fee.
  • Can I add an additional driver?
    Yes, an additional driver can be added once they meet these criterias: *Meet all age requirements *Present a valid ID *Be present with the primary renter at our local office *Additional daily fee may apply for an additional driver
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