Top 5 Restaurants in Montego Bay | Coles Car Rental Approved

Montego Bay is the capital of St. James which is located on the beautiful island of Jamaica. 
Did you know that Montego Bay AKA (Mobay) is a tourist hub?  Well, we are pleased today today to share with you all our Top 5 Restaurants in Montego Bay that are Coles Car Rental Approved!

  1. Sweet Spice  ( Location: Fairview)
  2. Cafe Mocha  ( Location: Gloucester Ave)
  3. The Pelican Grill  ( Location: Gloucester Ave)
  4. Margaritaville   ( Location: Gloucester Ave)
  5. Jerky’s    (Location: Fairview)

Have you ever dined at any of our top 5 listed restaurants? If so, comment below we would love to hear your experience.

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Top 10 Jamaican phrases Tourist must know!

Hello readers thank you for stopping by today to check out our recent blog post.

Let’s have a little fun! Today we would love to share with you our top 10 phrases that we always teach our new customers.

  1. Wah a gwan?  – What is going on?
  2. Mi good man  – I am good
  3. Wah dis?          -What is this?
  4. Mi soon come – I will be right back
  5. Bredren/ Sistren   -Male/Female
  6. Mi deh yah       -What’s up?
  7. Ova deh            -Over there
  8. Nuh ramp wid me – Don’t play with me
  9. Small up yuhself – Move over
  10. Likkle more              – See you later
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